Cisco And Aliph Team Up For Wireless Headset

Cisco and Aliph,the company behind the popular Jawbone headsets, have launched the new Icon headset, designed to allow users to connect to calls on their mobile phones and Cisco VoIP phones effortlessly.

According to the companies, the new headset will be able to allow users to connect to calls on their mobile phones, desktop wireless and fixed VoIP from the same headset, without them having to use different headsets for different calls.

Users who purchase the headsets can update its firmware from Aliph's website. The firmware will also them to stream audio via A2DP support, navigational instructions and internet radio.

The new headset is already available in the United States and comes bundled with Cisco Unified IP Phones 9951 and 9971, while international availability will be announced in October.

The headset is designed to use Bluetooth technology in order to connect to the devices and is most likely to be available for $400.