iOS 4.1 GreenPois0n Jailbreak Release Imminent

The GreenPois0n jailbreak software tool for iOS 4.1 will be made available very soon, reports suggest.

The tech editor of website Funky Space Monkey (FSM) has revealed details about his meeting with iPhone hacker p0sixninja.

The hacker is said to be a part of the Chronic Dev team, a group of hackers dedicated to hacking into Apple devices.

The product or add-on tool, GreenPois0n, being developed by the Dev team is ready to be released some time soon. However, no particular date has been revealed by FSM.

Bloggers across the web believe that the highly anticipated product could be made available as soon as the second week of October.

GreenPois0n is based on the Jailbreakme exploit Shatter Jailbreak, which was developed by former Dev team member, pod2g.

The Shatter jailbreak is a low level bootrom, that Apple cannot patch with a software update.

The tool can unlock Apple’s entire range of iOS devices, including the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone ranges running on the iOS 4.1 operating system.