Motorola Flipout comes to Orange

Mobile phone network Orange is now retailing the Motorola 'Square' Flipout mobile phone, on both contract and also pay as you go plans.

Orange has just brought to the network in exclusive colours the Motorola Android handset, which runs 2.1 of the Google OS along with the MotoBlur overlay to the platform.

The mobile phone arrives on pay as you go tariffs with a cost of £169.00, or free on Orange pay monthly plans starting from £25 a month in-store.

The 2.8-inch touch screen Motorola Flipout has a distinctive square form factor, where the 5-row Qwerty keyboard flips-out from under the screen to be used with the social networking features of the MotoBlur overlay.

On-board the 67mm long, by 67mm wide chassis is a 3 megapixel camera, HSDPA access, WIFI, Flash and native XviD support.

This is only the second Motorola handset to appear on the Orange network, since Moto came back from a year's hiatus where one part of Everything Everywhere is now selling last year's Dext mobile for half the original price at £150.

Motorola Flipout is available now on a prepay saving of £55, as compared to the SIM free and unlocked cost of £224.99 elsewhere.

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