Google Nexus S comes to Vodafone

Mobile phone network Vodafone has announced it will be carrying the Google Nexus S handset, which until now was exclusively sold by Carphone Warehouse.

The Nexus S is the Google branded flagship mobile phone from the Internet search engine giant, although the handset was made for them by Samsung – in the same way as the previous Google Nexus One model was manufactured by HTC.

Google’s Nexus S is the first mobile phone to arrive running the very latest Android ‘Gingerbread’ 2.3 OS, with a contoured Super AMOLED 4-inch touch screen, a fast 1Ghz processor and 16GB of internal storage with NFC abilities.

Carphone Warehouse solely sold the Nexus S when it launched at the very end of 2010, where it appears that exclusivity has now passed.

The handset is still being sold by CPW SIM free and unlocked for £429.99, or with that mobile phone reseller on an O2 contract for £30.64 a month with 600 minutes and unlimited text messages.

Vodafone hasn’t released any prices yet for the Google Nexus S, or confirmed any specific arrival dates. One Mobile Ring believes a similar tariff cost to Carphone Warehouse’s O2 offering will accompany the Samsung manufactured mobile, with a generous data allowance by Vodafone.


Vodafone will now exclusively be carrying a white version of the Google Nexus S, along with the standard black model.

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