Eclipse, Mozilla And Similar Licenses Permitted For WP7 Apps

Microsoft has decided to allow developers to offer Windows Phone 7 apps based on the Eclipse Public License, the Mozilla Public License and other 'similar' licenses.

In a blog post, Todd Brix, the head of Microsoft's Windows Phone Marketplace, said that the company plans to update the Marketplace Application Provider Agreement (APA) to allow developers to publish apps under the open source software licenses.

“We plan to update the APA shortly to clarify that we also permit applications under the Eclipse Public License, the Mozilla Public License and other, similar licenses and we continue to explore the possibility of accommodating additional OSS licenses,” Brix wrote on the blog post.

The Marketplace Application Provider Agreement already allows developers to publish apps under the BSD, MIT, Apache Software License 2.0 and Microsoft Public License.

According to ZDNet, Free Software Foundation Europe chief, Karsten Gerloff, believes that Microsoft's decision to allow these widely used open source licenses demonstrates the company's intention to use a divide and rule policy when it comes to published apps for Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft's decision to not include the GNU General Public License (GPL) family of licenses is to stop developers from distributing WP7 apps for free.


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