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Exclusive : Lenovo IdeaPad S1 Tablet Photos

Exclusive : Lenovo IdeaPad S1 Tablet Photos

We had a succinct but interesting chat with David Blackmore, the newly appointed UK Country General Manager for Lenovo and we’ve got some exclusive details as well as some close up pictures of their forthcoming tablet, the IdeaPad S1, which was showcased at the recent Gadget Show Live.

The device, which we were able to play around with, is almost the finished product and is based on the Intel Atom “Oak Trail” platform which was launched a few days ago.

Although we were not told exactly what CPU lies inside the tablet, we suspect that it is the Atom Z670, a single core CPU clocked at 1.5GHz with 512KB L2 cache, Intel’s GMA600 graphics solution and support for up to 2GB single channel DDR2 memory.

Even with Windows 7 Tablet edition and 1GB RAM, the tablet seemed snappy enough, although we did not test it extensively during our brief meeting.

The S1 is only the second mainstream tablet we’ve seen that boasts both a capacitive touchscreen and a digitiser pen; the other one is the Android-based HTC Flyer which was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress.

The other noteworthy features that caught our attention include what appears to be a 1.3-megapixel front facing camera, a docking station connector, a USB port and a microSD card slot plus a 64GB SSD. Expect the tablet to be launched during summer and to be “competitively priced” compared to others.


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