Nintendo Cutting 3DS Prices To Attract Angry PSN Users?

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by Desire Athow
, 13 May 2011News

Aside from Microsoft, Nintendo may also be trying to lure Sony Playstation Network users who were left in the lurch after the recent security breach that saw more than 100 million user accounts compromised.

We've noticed that high street retailer GAME is offering the Nintendo 3DS gaming console for a staggeringly low £165, including an extra 4000 points which are worth £10 on their own, effectively bringing the price of the console down to £154.99.

Given that the console has only been out for less than two months and only a few days ago cost £197 from the same retailer, one can only assume that the sudden drop in price is either due to poor sales that need to be revived or a cunning attempt to make the best of a rival's misfortune.

The Nintendo 3DS is a completely different beast to the Sony Playstation 3 though. Its main selling point is its Sharp-designed, 3D screen which doesn't need any special glasses, but it doesn't have a proper online gaming ecosystem like Sony's Playstation Network or the Microsoft Xbox Live.

In addition, the gamut of games available on the Nintendo 3DS are different from what you would expect to find on the Playstation 3. Put simply, there are almost no overlaps between games on the PS3 and the 3DS.

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