PS3 pirates claim first game victim

PS3 pirates claim first game victim

Despite his insistence that he doesn’t condone piracy, Geohot’s recently released finagled firmware for the PS3 is at the heart of what we think is the first instance of a commercial game being played from the hard drive of an unmodified PS3.

What looks like a genuine video of vamp-’em-up game Castlevania being booted from the console’s internal hard drive has tipped up, but is likely to be removed as soon as Sony gets wind of it, so don’t blame us if the link is busted.

Detailed instructions on how to use Geohot’s firmware to install the game have been supplied by the maker of the video but they are not for the faint-hearted and involve the use of several methods and tools which will almost certainly be beyond the skills of your average gamer.

The same site, which will remain unnamed on this page, has provided a list of six other games which are susceptible to the same hack and others are being added as we speak.

At the moment, Sony has little to worry about as the use of the hack will be restricted to a hard core of users willing and able to commit to some complex jiggery pokery on the console’s code, but it’s only a matter of time before the floodgates open and a simple one-click solution with a user-friendly GUI is released.

Sony still insists that the Private Key exploit discovered by fail0verflow, which provided the kickstart Geohot needed to put him back on the PS3’s case, can be bypassed.

But unless the giant Japanese electronics and media outfit deliberately embedded a second hard-coded private key in the console’s hardware, we can’t see how.

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