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GTA V trailer hits the web

GTA V trailer hits the web

Rockstar has fulfilled its promise and ensured that its servers get a little warm this afternoon, releasing the trailer for third-person shoot-and-steal-’em-up Grand Theft Auto V on its official website.

The trailer doesn’t reveal a great deal about the game, beyond its location – a sun-kissed Los Angeles equivalent, likely the San Andreas seen in the imaginatively-titled Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – and protaganist – a sympathetic criminal looking to retire from his life of crime to support his kids – but that isn’t stopping fans flocking to the site to catch a glimpse of what the latest entry in the series has to offer.

Although entitled GTA V, the game is actually the fifteenth in the series – if all expansion packs are counted – which originally started life as a top-down game in which the player took on the role of a police officer hunting down criminals.

A quick role reversal before the game’s release brought about the series that we all know today, but wasn’t without its controversy: the game’s violent – and, occasionally, tongue-in-cheek sexual – themes have been blamed for the corruption of today’s youth, with GTA III once described by former lawyer Jack Thompson as a “murder simulator.”

Despite – or possibly because of – the controversy, the Grand Theft Auto series is extremely popular, and GTA V doesn’t look like bucking that trend.

The trailer is available here, for at least as long as it takes Rockstar’s servers to fall over.

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