Jester teases with 'live' hacker conference show

Infamous hacker The Jester (th3j35t3r), notorious for his attacks on WikiLeaks, LulzSec and jihadist websites, has spoken about his techniques and motivations in a live discussion at a US hacking conference - and teased attendees with the prospect that he might actually be physically present.

Rumours spread before the session, led by cyber-security expert Jeff Bardin, at the Hacker Halted conference in Miami last Wednesday, that The Jester would be appearing in person - and the hacker teased attendees with allusions to the fact that he was physically present at the conference.

He tweeted a picture from Qualys CTO Wolfgang Kandek's keynote address, and hid an encrypted message in one of the conference rooms, tweeting "left a little something under the projector in Alhambra SCADA room. Tweet me a photo of what's there".

Just before the session, The Jester tweeted: "Just poked my head round de door, dude in the jester suit - I am not sure, but I am gonna thank you right here and now. Front row, left side", referring to an attendee dresses in jester costume. to a session participant dressed head to toe in "jester" regalia.

But those who hoped to see The Jester live on stage were to be disappointed. In an on-screen chat, The Jester answered questions about the XerXeS tool used for his Denial of Service (DoS) attacks - and referred to two new versions he called 'Leonidis' and 'Saladin'. He also spoke about the motivation behind for his campaigns against Jihadist websites and whistle-blowing organisation WikiLeaks.

You'll find the full chat transcript of the session in a report at InfosecIsland.