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Quick Tip for getting Gmail contacts, calendar and email onto a Nokia Symbian mobile phone

Quick Tip for getting Gmail contacts, calendar and email onto a Nokia Symbian mobile phone

Accessing features of a competitive email service, on another manufacturer’s mobile phone is never an easy task – but there are ways around this thwarting a choice of email provider, along with accessing its accompanying calendar and contacts.

During our review of the Nokia Symbian Belle based 700 mobile phone we weren’t able to use any of the contact information we had stored in Gmail. This is even through setting up Google mail on the handset, using the catered for Gmail icon.

We discovered a way around this, which we will share in a new feature on ITProPortal offering tips and tricks about mobile phones and their operating system.

First of all, select the ‘Mail Icon’ in the application menu. We have used Symbian Belle, but other Symbian variations will have different icons.

The next screen will appear, where ‘New mailbox’ must be selected. The third screen image is critical; select ‘Exchange ActiveSync’ and not the Gmail icon.

A fourth screen is then presented, which is reflected in our fourth picture. Enter the email address in full, the password to the Gmail account and the email address – in the ‘Username’ box, followed by pressing the green tick and the right arrow icon.

Another screen will appear, asking for the server information where is to be entered and the next button pressed.

There are now two screens presented that mirror images six and seven, where on six, press ‘Options’ to get the seventh image and then select ‘Accept permanently’.

Following on from there is the eighth screen, which offers up what aspects of Gmail that is to be synchronised besides just email. We selected Calendar and Contacts, as we had nothing residing in the To Do notes.

The final screen image is then achieved, with the middle synchronising icon rotating to show the selected parts of Gmail are now being brought down to the phone.

After this has all completed Google mail’s email, contacts and calendar appointments are now all on the Symbian handset.


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