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ITV Warns Apple Against iTV Name

ITV Warns Apple Against iTV Name

British TV company ITV has issued a fair warning to Apple that it will not tolerate the fruity firm naming its television platform iTV since that name is already taken.

Apple’s TV set is coming sometime in 2012, with some speculating that it could be landing as soon as April. There have been rumours flying around for some time now that it would be called the iTV, since iPod, iPad, iPhone etc. created a common naming convention for the firm. However, it seems unlikely that such a thing would be possible – especially in the UK – since the broadcasting company ITV has been around since the 50s.

As the oldest commercial company in the UK, with a collection of channels under its belt, Apple would be going up against quite a force if it chose to contest the name. I can’t imagine it would have much of a leg to stand on, but then again, we’re talking about the same company that got a temporary ban placed on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 because it had rounded corners and a touch screen.

As Zdnet reports, instead of fighting, Apple may just pay-off ITV in this instance. It’s done so in the past, slipping a bit of cash into Cisco’s pocket in order to be able to use the iPhone name. Now both companies can make products called the iPhone.

One rumour that’s floating around is that Apple could simply buy up the British TV company. Something tells me that wouldn’t be good for us limey viewers.

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