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Apple iPad 3 Launch Event Set for Wednesday, March 7th?

Apple iPad 3 Launch Event Set for Wednesday, March 7th?

As the iPad 3 launch approaches tech analysts and Apple fans are placing their bets on the most probable technical specifications of the tablet, and even whether or not it will actually carry that name.

For now, we would settle for an accurate prediction of the release date – well, apparently, tech website iMore is able to give us more than just a clue: it’s March 7th.

Rene Ritchie of iMore, citing “sources who have been reliable in the past”, says without a shadow of a doubt that the big iPad 3 announcement will take place three weeks from now, on Wednesday March 7th.

The report is backed by a previous article published by AllThingsD suggesting that iPad 3 will be introduced to the market in the first week of March. Considering that Apple is keen on Wednesdays when it comes to launching high profile devices, a reporter could have come up with the prediction with a calendar before their eyes.

Meanwhile, an interesting point of view comes from MainDevice who suggest that by maintaining the same launch strategy, Apple may be hurting its sales, helping its competition to have a clear calendar of its launch dates.

The most rumoured specs for the iPad 3 are the 2048×1536 ‘Retina’ Display, improved cameras, a quad-core A6 processor and a 4G LTE version for AT&T and Verizon’s high speed networks.

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