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Iran has Blocked Gmail, YouTube Confirms Google

Iran has Blocked Gmail, YouTube Confirms Google

Google has confirmed that the users in Iran have been blocked from gaining access to its HTTPS websites such as Gmail and YouTube.

According to an email by Google, the block has been in effect right since February 10 reports Bloomberg. Unconfirmed reports suggest that the Iranian government decided to enforce such a ban after coming across rumours that an anti-government protest was being planned for the thirty-third anniversary of the Iranian revolution.

As a result of this block, all encrypted websites based on the HTTPS protocol will now be inaccessible to the country’s masses. This means that no Facebook, Google, banking or financial websites for the Iranian Internet users until and unless the Government thinks it is safe to relinquish the ban.

The Iranian government has reportedly also made it mandatory for cyber cafe owners to install surveillance cameras as well as record all their customers’ faces. According to Iran’s state-run Mehr news agency, as many as 30 million of the country’s Internet users are currently unable to access their social media and email accounts such as Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail etc.

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