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Microsoft’s Xbox 720 Could Have Enhanced 3D

Microsoft’s Xbox 720 Could Have Enhanced 3D

A Microsoft job posting is hinting that 3D development will be an important part of the next-generation Xbox 720 console.

Posted on the Microsoft careers page, the posting is part of the software engineering: development category, with the named division being “Interactive Entertainment Business.” The official position that’s open for application is “Algorithm research and development engineer.” The only downside for those in Western nations is that the position is in Israel, so you’d need to relocate quite a distance.

CV sending aside, this job opening provides some insights into future Xbox development. Towards the end of the posting, it suggests that this job could be for you if you have a passion for image “processing algorithm and 3D imaging technologies.”

It goes on: “Responsibilities include algorithm design and implementation into state of the art 3D imaging systems working in an integrated HW and SW leading team, working closely with peers in Redmond, and being part of a fast moving and growing development team.”

So, 3D development is growing within Microsoft, with the potential there for the Xbox 720 to have far better integration of that third dimension. With the growth of the Kinect motion tracker, there could be some new interaction with future games from gesture control, while in 3D. 

If you do wish to relocate to Israel, you’ll need the following skills and qualifications:

  • MA or PHD in Computer Science with focus on image-processing
  • Strong theory/algorithm background and very good understanding on how to apply advanced knowledge to solve real problems.
  • Solid industry experience in image and video processing.
  • Fluent in Matlab.
  • Good programming skills (C/C++).
  • Knowledge in DSP and/or GPU is an advantage. Passion around algorithm engineering and coding
  • Creative problem solver.
  • Research capabilities.
  • Passion for quality
  • Strong debugging problem solving and analysis skills
  • Team player, confident and enthusiastic

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