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Over 1 Billion People will have a Smartphone by 2016: Forrester

Over 1 Billion People will have a Smartphone by 2016: Forrester

If all goes according to the current pace of smartphone adoption, according to a new research, the overall number of smartphone users throughout the world could climb all the way up to 1 billion.

The research was carried out by the analysts at Forrester according to whom out of those one billion smartphone users 350 million users will be using their devices for work purposes. Further, over than 50 percent of those users who use their devices for business purposes will be bringing in their own devices to work. The results were based on of a survey which involved a total of 3,534 business decision-makers including the likes of chief information officers (CIOs), I.T. technicians among others.

The study also highlighted how the mobile spending throughout the world will be as high as $1.3 trillion by 2016, with consumers paying somewhere around $55 billion on mobile apps only. Business expenditures on mobile projects are also likely to double within the aforementioned time frame.

“Businesses should stop thinking about it as a small Web site on a tiny computer, and start thinking about mobile as being deeply embedded systems of engagement. That turns out to have huge implications,” stated one of the authors of the study Ted Schadler, reports the New York Times.

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