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Microsoft in a Unique Position for Cloud Push: Analysts

Microsoft in a Unique Position for Cloud Push: Analysts

Microsoft seems to be keen on exploiting the boom in enterprise cloud computing industry by taking advantage of its unique standing in the market that very few of its competitors can dare to come even remotely closer to.

According to the group of analysts, it is Redmond’s influence on both the public as well as private cloud domains that will be giving it an edge over other rival forces. Being equally capable in both public and private cloud sectors would allow the software giant to attract all those businesses that were previously unsure about shifting full time to public cloud platforms.

A recent survey conducted on IT administrators claimed that an overwhelming proportion of businesses are really not sure whether or not it would be a wise move to move into public cloud – especially on the security and efficiency fronts. Also, a substantial proportion of those businesses who have already embraced the public cloud platforms, have done so only in order to evaluate its merits and demerits.

“Microsoft has the advantage in that it already has a huge presence inside the enterprise.”Microsoft more than any other vendor has the ability to unify the public cloud platform with Azure and the private cloud with Windows Server,” said Rob Helm, a prominent analyst at Directions on Microsoft, V3 reported.

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