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Roche Shops for Google Apps, Buys 90000 Seats

Roche Shops for Google Apps, Buys 90000 Seats

The Roche Group – one of Europe’s leading research oriented and “personalised” healthcare service providers, has announced that it is moving over its entire workforce to Google Apps.

While, it’s nothing new or uncommon to see businesses increasingly relying on cloud based platforms today instead of the traditional on-premise solutions, such a large-scale transition as the one initiated by Roche is actually a bit rare to come across frequently.

According to reports, once the transition takes place effectively, all 90,000 employees of the company will be working on Google Apps, the productivity suites that brings us services like Gmail, Google Docs and plenty more.

Chief financial officer and Chief Information Officer at Roche – Dr Alan Hippe stated in a blog post: “For the last two and a half years, our two different email and calendaring platforms have often been an obstacle for effective collaboration. To end these platform interoperability issues, the Roche Corporate Executive Committee made the decision that all employees will move to Google Apps as the single common platform for the Roche Group.”

“When we evaluated new cloud-based solutions, Roche’s Corporate Executive Committee was impressed with the outstanding service and rapid innovation of Google Apps. Google Apps will enable over 90,000 employees to work better together from anywhere”, he added.

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