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4G LTE System-on-Chip Arriving Later This Year: Nvidia

4G LTE System-on-Chip Arriving Later This Year: Nvidia

Nvidia disclosed its yearly earning figures recently and made quite a few interesting and exciting revelations, the most significant one being its latest 3G / 4G LTE system-on-chip, Grey, which will arrive on devices later this year.

Nvidia CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, said: “We will have shipping modems this year, hopefully sooner than later.” Huang also hinted that this will help the company to compete with Qualcomm that is launching Snapdragon chips along with integrated LTE very soon.

Currently, LTE devices come with radio chips which are different from processor and this combination is bad from the point of view of long battery life among few other concerns.

The CEO also disclosed that out of $4 billion overall sales in 2011 Tegra 2 accounted for approximately $360 million. Huang also predicted “vast growth this year” in sales due to Tegra 3 products. And that, “We’ll start seeing meaningful contributions from Windows 8 later in the year, probably starting in Q3,” reported The Verge.

The company earlier stated that Tegra 3 smartphone devices might appear in the Mobile World Congress 2012.

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