Google Launches Test Version of Chromium Browser with Dart Virtual Machine

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, 20 Feb 2012News

Google has launched a test version of the Chrome browser that can run various programs written in Dart - the language Google designed for improving upon limitations of JavaScript.

Dart was developed by Google for improving web programming and facilitating a better performance via a language the company believes is suitable for large scale Web applications. However, it was not a smooth sailing for the programming language as many companies preferred improvements in the JavaScript rather than going for another language.

Google software engineers Anton Muhin, Pavel Podivilov and Vijay Menon, in an official Google Chromium blog stated, "Dart has been designed from the start to work with the entire modern web, and we're simultaneously continuing to improve our fast Dart-to-JavaScript compiler. Both the Dart VM and modern JavaScript engines are first-class targets for Dart."

"This release of Chromium with Dart VM integration is a technology preview, and should not be used for day-to-day browsing. After more testing and developer feedback, we plan to eventually include the Dart VM in Chrome," they further added.

This test version of the new Chromium is available for Mac OS X and Linux for the time being and the Windows version will be launched soon.

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