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Noon News: Swype for Ice Cream Sandwich, Apple Messages Beta on Mac OS X 10.7.3, Foxconn Hikes Workers’ Wages

Noon News: Swype for Ice Cream Sandwich, Apple Messages Beta on Mac OS X 10.7.3, Foxconn Hikes Workers’ Wages

Swype, a third party developed input method for touchscreen devices has been updated for the Ice Cream Sandwich variant of the Android OS. Ice Cream Sandwich made its debut with Samsung Galaxy Nexus in November last year but, Swype wasn’t ready for ISC at that particular moment. But, now users can download the new version from Swype’s site as it is still not available on the Android market.

The next version of Mac OS X, Mountain Lion, is now available to developers in form of a preview version and in case every day users like you and me want to have a look at the new features, we will have to wait for a bit longer. But, one of the features is available right now for users who are on Mac OS X 10.7.3. Apple has released a beta version of Apple Messages – a successor of iChat application.

Foxconn was recently subject to severe criticism for allegedly forcing its workers to work in inhumane conditions and that too under bare minimum wages. It seems like all those criticisms from human rights groups are finally bearing their fruits. The company announced on Saturday that it is introducing a 16 to 25 per cent hike in its assembly line workers’ salaries.

According to an interview with the top execs at Apple, published by The Wall Street Journal recently, the company is planning to bring more features of iOS to its Mac OS X. Tim Cook Apple CEO and SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller explained that Apple is working on bringing the iPad experience to laptops, though both markets will coexist despite the increasing convergence, iMore reports.

The class action lawsuit against the Cupertino based technology giant Apple has been reportedly settled with the fruity company agreeing to compensate affected iPhone 4 owners with either $15 in cheque or a suitable iPhone 4 case absolutely free. It was alleged that iPhone 4 lost network connectivity and was intermittently dropping calls if it was held by the user in certain ways – a shortcoming Apple deliberately hid from its users.

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