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UK Gov Wants to Keep Tabs on Calls, Email, Online Records Under new Spy Plan

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, 20 Feb 2012News

In a bid to provide better protection against terrorism and to combat future terror threats, UK government wants to store details such as online browsing history, phone calls, text messages and emails of every individual in UK.

According to the Telegraph, the government is working on a new and improved anti-terror plan under which mobile phone, land line and broadband providers will be asked to store their users' information. Details of each and every call, message, website visited and email sent/received will be maintained in a huge database accessible to the authorities. The data will not be available centrally, but will be stored at ISPs and telcos.

However, the contents of the messages or the phone calls will not be recorded, thus, users will still have their privacy protected, marginally. The companies will just keep track of who has made what calls. The government also wants to keep tabs on who communicated with whom on social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The latest anti-terror plan has been formulated on advice from MI5. UK government may make some official announcement regarding the details of this plan as early as May.

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