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Microsoft SkyDrive App for Windows 8 Confirmed

Microsoft SkyDrive App for Windows 8 Confirmed

Microsoft’s SkyDrive will get Metro-style app with Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system platform.

The app will be equipped with the ability to import remote files from the internet. The Windows 8 maker revealed this information via a post on the official Building Windows 8 blog.

Microsoft’s intentions for SkyDrive are to “evolve with Windows 8 from a website today into a true device cloud for Windows customers.” According to Microsoft, the main objective behind developing this app was to ensure that the files would be instantly available and would be up-to-date as one moves from PC to PC.

“With Windows 8, we wanted to make sure that your files would be instantly available and up-to-date as you move between PCs–without configuring add-ons or using a USB drive”, read the post.

This move will eventually bring a “file cloud to all the Metro style app” allowing users to open files from their SkyDrive and then saving the files on the SkyDrive itself. SkyDrive from now on will have “Fetch” feature which is far beyond just synching cloud files with any PC, stated the company.

The app will facilitate “easy drag-and-drop upload and download support for SkyDrive, anywhere access to your data, offline access, and the power of Windows Explorer to manage your files and folders”, read the post further.

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