EA Games Thinks GAME Will Rise Again

by Jon Martindale, 22 Mar 2012News

Despite pulling its stock of Mass Effect 3 from the shelves of the troubled high street retailer, EA Games believes GAME will make its triumphant return after administration.

Speaking at the Westminster Media Forum, this statement - that seems to somewhat rub GAME's nose in it - was made by EA's UK managing director Keith Ramsdale, who said that in retailers the publisher had sold stock to, Mass Effect and FIFA were selling great, so high street sales were far from dead.

"I do hope and believe there will be a phoenix rising from the flames. GAME is full of good people, it's a good store, I just think they need a different approach and I'll think they'll have one," he said.

Not everyone would agree however. IGN and several others believe that GAME's administration changes the face of the UK and global market forever, whether the chain closes, downsizes or reinvents itself.

"Would I rather there is a GAME? Absolutely I would," Ramsdale continued in his statement posted on Games Industry. "I believe that a specialist retailer does a lot for this industry. One of the opportunities for a specialist is to be much more multiform than they currently are, to the point of Apple or Android."

"If you look at the current retail base, HMV seem to be stepping up and seem to be more solid. Amazon have done a good job of picking up content, so yes, there's more than just GAME. The opportunity for video game retailers is think broader than just the shiny discs."

Perhaps that's the answer: diversifying. If Comet owner OpCapita scooped up some of GAME's stores, that would certainly make for a new combination of games and electronics.

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