Xbox 720 to Come With 16-core CPU?

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by Alex Serban
, 17 Apr 2012News

Although the Xbox 720 is not expected any time soon and officials haven't spoken yet about technical specifications, a rumour surfaced last week claiming that Durango will have a 16-core CPU and will be built with the same technology used in Xbox 360.

Earlier speculation spoke of two versions of the console: one that would be optimised for arcade titles and will come in a form similar to Apple's TV and one that would be the direct sequel to the Xbox 360 and will pack a lot of power.

The tipster claims that Xbox 720 will have a 16-core IBM Power PC CPU, a unit powerful enough to accommodate demanding games and, most of all, the new version of Kinect. It seems Microsoft has plans of increasing the sensor's accuracy and this will require at least four cores to track multiple players and precise details like the movement of fingertips.

A similar chip already exists on the market, the Opteron 16-core, and was built by AMD in November last year. It was designed to be used mainly in servers that require a large number of threads and enhanced multitasking.

Xbox 720 is also rumoured to have two GPUs that could render independent of each other and would provide a similar performance to AMD's Radeon HD 7000. The next generation Microsoft console is expected to be launched towards the end of next year.

Source: SlashGear

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