HTC "going big" and best placed to challenge Apple & Samsung, says chief

by Sascha Segan, 06 Sep 2012News
HTC "going big" and best placed to challenge Apple & Samsung, says chief

HTC is "extremely bullish on Windows Phone 8, and we're going big," the company's president of global sales and marketing, Jason Mackenzie, told a group of journalists yesterday.

Mackenzie's comments came as Nokia announced two prominent Windows Phone 8 devices, the Lumia 820 and 920.

HTC has a product announcement coming in New York on Wednesday, 19 September. The company's phones will set themselves apart with "design," Mackenzie said.

"From a hardware perspective to date the [Windows Phone] products have not been that exciting," he said. "All these OEMs have been giving their varsity products to Android, and Windows hasn't had really strong super-phones."

HTC, which has had generally well-received smartphones, has seen declining sales recently. Mackenzie said the company (which is still profitable) will turn things around by being a bit more willing to trumpet its product line. HTC is the best-positioned company to challenge Samsung and Apple at the high end of the market, but it's getting drowned by the larger firms' marketing budgets, he said.

"We as a company have to be more vocal and more aggressive in the way we're communicating," he said.

Features like the HTC One X's automatic photo burst mode have got a great response when people see them in action, but few people know about them, he noted.

HTC is nimble and willing to change, Mackenzie said, pointing out that the company evolved from being a white-label manufacturer to a known brand and from being a Windows Mobile house into a major Android manufacturer.

"As a company HTC knows how to change, and so we're optimistic that we can change with this new market," he said.

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