MWC 2013: Asus Fonepad hands-on pictures

MWC 2013: Asus Fonepad hands-on pictures

I am still wondering whether to call the Fonepad a very big smartphone or a tablet with voice-calling capabilities. This Fonepad is essentially a 2013 version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the original one which could be used to make calls. Except this one costs only £179, around a third of the price of the 3G Galaxy Tab at launch.

The tablet is not very physically different from its close cousin, the Nexus 7, with whom it shares many features down to the lack of rear camera. There’s no Google Logo and no textured back.

The IPS display was lovely and the tablet appeared to be very responsive to touch. Obviously, the difference in quality between a premium product like the Asus Padfone Infinity and the Fonepad is pretty glaring.

But one need to bear in mind that Fonepad is essentially a phone without a rear camera and the cheapest smartphone on the market with a 1,280 x 800 pixels display. Asus also included both in the Padfone Infinity and the Fonepad a nice little “fourth” Android button that acts like a multi-tasking helper and brings up a number of Asus-only apps. Check out our report on the launch of the Asus Fonepad.


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