Windows Phone 8 to get in-app purchasing; others left out

Devs working with current-gen Windows Phone 7, and the upcoming 7.8 incremental update, are out of luck when it comes to in-app buying.

Microsoft is finally bringing in-app purchases to Windows Phone, but it will only be available on the upcoming Windows Phone 8. Recent Microsoft guidelines confirm that users and developers working with the current version of Windows Phone - and...

08 Aug 2012 by Stephanie Mlot

Active directory in Office 365

How does Active Directory sit within Office 365?

Active directory is a core component of Office 365 and is required by the applications within the suite. This video examines what Active Directory is and how it sits within Office 365.

29 Jun 2012 by Ben Chai

Great Lync add-ons

How to enhance your Lync experience.

There is a whole host of add-ons to make your Lync experience more enjoyable. These add-ons include anything from comfortable head-sets for those using Lync for voice communication, to devices with multiple cameras and Lync profile detection for...

29 Jun 2012 by Ben Chai

The security built into Lync and what to configure

All components of Office 365 have built in security, so what does Lync offer?

Office 365 has security built in from the ground up. The physical and logical security built into the datacenter is phenomenal. This security is further enhanced with the in-built safeguards within SharePoint and Exchange, together with the extra...

29 Jun 2012 by Ben Chai

Lync required training and education

Due to the size and depth of Lync, your installation engineers need to have a thorough understanding of Microsoft compontnets.

In this video, we look at what training and education is required to use, deploy, administer and support Microsoft Lync 2010 and Microsoft Lync Online.

29 Jun 2012 by Ben Chai

Hybrid Lync models

Is it really hybrid?

This video looks at some of the advantages of integrating Lync Online with Lync on-premise and what is involved.

29 Jun 2012 by Ben Chai

Planning for Lync On-line

Is it easier than planning for Lync on-premise?

In this video, Thomas Lee, Lync, PowerShell and Office 365 Microsoft consultant looks at some of the planning issues for Lync Online.

29 Jun 2012 by Ben Chai

Planning for Lync On-Premise

What pieces do you need to put in place before deploying Lync?

Many companies requiring the full capabilities of Lync have opted to federate Lync Online with Lync on-premise. In this video, we examine some of the planning requried for Lync on-premise.

29 Jun 2012 by Ben Chai

A SIP of Lync

What is the session initiation protocol and what does it do?

The session initiation protocol (SIP) is a core component of the Lync family. In this video, we examine what it is and why Lync is dependent on SIP.

29 Jun 2012 by Ben Chai

Enterprise voice and how it relates to Lync

Thomas Lee explains the intricacies of enterprise voice.

What is enterprise voice and how does it relate to Lync - Thomas Lee, tells all.

29 Jun 2012 by Ben Chai

Office 365 Lync Online vs Lync On-Premise

What are the differences?

In this video we look at the main differences between Lync Online and Lync On-Premise. How does Microsoft's online communication suite compare to the full on-premises implementation?

29 Jun 2012 by Ben Chai

Office 365 Pinch Points

How to mitigate potential risks to your Office 365 environment.

What happens when there is no Internet connectivity? What if your business requires 100 per cent uptime of your email? How can you provision for security beyond that supplied by Microsoft, for example e-discovery?  Obviously no product or...

28 Jun 2012 by Ben Chai

Biggest Office 365 Migration Challenges

The challenge of moving from on-premise to the cloud

In this video, Ben Chai looks at the biggest challenges to migrating from your existing environment to Office 365. Some of the issues discussed, include the big data issue, 3rd party integrated applications, deploying to multiple devices and...

28 Jun 2012 by Ben Chai

Microsoft Office 365 Versus Google Apps in the Battle for Education

Clash of the Titans: who will come out on top in the Microsoft versus Google fight for the Education Market?

Many schools, colleges and universities around the world are considering a move to cloud-based systems and there are certainly many benefits to this in terms of teaching and learning. Resources can more easily be shared among an individual...

28 Jun 2012 by Caroline Roberts

How to Work from a Tropical Beach Paradise using Microsoft Office 365: Part 1

Title lured you in, did it? Well, it’s not a scam, a joke, a mistake or a wistful typo and here, in this guide, we will show you how.

It's happened: you've finally snapped. You've battled through hours of rain and traffic twice a day for months only to spend the day at your office hunched, alone, over your computer. And with wet socks too. "Most of my daily work involves writing...

28 Jun 2012 by Amanda Ross

Office 365 deployment tips

Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, WebApps lots to deploy

Once you've decided to use Office 365, you will need to plan and strategise how to deploy. Think about the people and devices that will be connected to Office 365 and what you want supported on those devices. For example, if Lync IM is a requirement...

28 Jun 2012 by Ben Chai

Beyond the standard benefits of Office 365

The benefits of Office 365 run deeper than you might think.

When any new product or service appears on the market, most people focus on the cost benefits versus their existing product or a competing one. For example, Office 365 benefits often focus on how much cheaper it is per user and the removal of the...

27 Jun 2012 by Ben Chai

The best way to learn how to use Office 365

Use it or lose it.

Education and training can somehow get lost in the excitement of moving to a new, more efficient environment that provides benefits beyond what a business is used to. Although many of the components of Office 365, such as the Microsoft Office apps,...

27 Jun 2012 by Ben Chai

Innovative Ways Companies are using Office 365

Office 365 plan and collaboration mix and match

Over the period of this Office 365 project, we've had the chance meet several vendors and users of Office 365. Just as the original spreadsheet has evolved beyond a simple automatic calculator in ways that the inventors could never have perceived it...

27 Jun 2012 by Ben Chai

BIS, BES, and BlackBerry Services for Office 365

Ensuring your BlackBerry gets the most out of Office 365

The BlackBerry is a critical business phone for many corporations, due in part, to the extra security and corporate management facilities that come with the BlackBerry service.  However there are some issues when using the BlackBerry with...

27 Jun 2012 by Ben Chai

Office 365 mobile device security

Is there even such a thing?

Bearing in mind that mobile phones and devices are rapidly becoming the de facto standard business systems for corporate executives, you can see why Microsoft has a big campaign to target mobile phone devices with its Office 365 offering. Office...

27 Jun 2012 by Ben Chai

Three fast fixes for BlackBerry and Office 365 issues

The BlackBerry compatibility with Office 365 is a relatively new addition and, as with all beginners, there are a few teething problems

In October 2011, Research in Motion (RIM) announced its open Beta of BlackBerry Business Cloud Services for Microsoft Office 365. The service is free to medium or enterprise business subscribers to Office 365 or Exchange Online and it works with...

27 Jun 2012 by Ben Chai