GAME offering new Nintendo 3DS XL for £79.99

The exchange offer is a no-brainer for owners of the current 3DS, with the newer console's full retail price set at £174.99

Anticipation continues to build ahead of this weekend's release of the expanded-display iteration of Nintendo's 3DS. The new version of the portable games console, the 3DS XL, is being touted as featuring a screen that is 90 per cent bigger than its...

24 Jul 2012 by James Laird

Installation and configuration tips for Lync 2010

You need to know a lot!

Lync 2010, requires a knowledge of a variety of Microsoft technologies. In this video, we examine what you need to know to install Lync 2010 and what components are required.

29 Jun 2012 by Ben Chai

Deployment strategies for Lync client

Here we consider various methods for deploying the Lync client in a large organisation.

Deploying the Lync client for a medium to large organisation could be a headache especially when there are 30,000 clients involved. In this video, Thomas Lee, Lync, PowerShell, Office 365 Consultant and Microsoft MVP looks at the multitude of...

29 Jun 2012 by Ben Chai

Cloud Busting Part 3: Tackling those Pesky Migration Problems

Part 3 in a series of troubleshooting tips from experts in migrating businesses to Microsoft Office 365. Stress-free migration.

Over the past two features on Cloud Busting we've looked at a variety of common problems that can arise mid-Office 365 migration. Some of these you may never experience, others may lurk in your peripheral vision, ready to pounce. Fortunately we have...

29 Jun 2012 by

Cool PowerShell Scripts for Managing Office 365

Script Power for Office 365.

Office 365 is Microsoft’s SaaS office productivity offering and PowerShell is Microsoft’s strategic task automation platform. Combined, they become a tool you can use to manage most aspects of Office 365. Writing PowerShell scripts from...

29 Jun 2012 by Thomas Lee

OneNote 2010 Organisation

Get to grips with OneNote.

OneNote is probably the least well known of the applications in Office 2010, as it has a shorter heritage than its stable-mates. It’s designed as a freeform note-taking tool, which can be used on desktop, notebook and tablet PCs. As well as...

28 Jun 2012 by Simon Williams

Managing Exchange On-line with PowerShell

PowerShell management in office 365 Exchange email

In my earlier articles on Office 365 and PowerShell, I explained broadly how PowerShell might be of use in managing your Office 365 subscription. As noted earlier, you can also use PowerShell to manage the Exchange part of your Exchange Online...

28 Jun 2012 by Thomas Lee

Using OneNote templates to speed up notepage creation

OneNote comes standard with a stack of useful templates designed to make your life easier

Like many of the Microsoft Office 365 programs, OneNote has some great templates already installed. Using these templates is a great time saver that lends a professional look to your notebooks with minimal effort. The templates can also be a good...

28 Jun 2012 by Claire Boyle

Turn off call/call waiting sounds in Lync Client

How to turn off annoying incomming sounds in the Lync Client.

By default, when you're on a call in Lync, and you get a second incoming call, you will get both a toast and a ‘pip' sound played to alert you to the second incoming call. Many people find this ‘pip' off putting, and are quite happy with...

28 Jun 2012 by Tom Arbuthnot

How to Work from a Tropical Beach Paradise using Microsoft Office 365: Part 1

Title lured you in, did it? Well, it’s not a scam, a joke, a mistake or a wistful typo and here, in this guide, we will show you how.

It's happened: you've finally snapped. You've battled through hours of rain and traffic twice a day for months only to spend the day at your office hunched, alone, over your computer. And with wet socks too. "Most of my daily work involves writing...

28 Jun 2012 by Amanda Ross

Office 365 deployment tips

Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, WebApps lots to deploy

Once you've decided to use Office 365, you will need to plan and strategise how to deploy. Think about the people and devices that will be connected to Office 365 and what you want supported on those devices. For example, if Lync IM is a requirement...

28 Jun 2012 by Ben Chai

To Share or not to Share, what is the Point?

What is the point of SharePoint? Read on and find out...

Office 365 SharePoint offers organisations plenty of opportunities for flexibility and productivity, but many organisations are unsure as to whether it is best to keep it on-premises, go online, or use a hybrid solution. SharePoint Online, part of...

26 Jun 2012 by

Collaboration tricks for Microsoft OneNote 2010

Microsoft OneNote 2010 - the ultimate collaboration tool.

OneNote 2010 on its own is a good collaboration tool. But combining OneNote with the SharePoint features in Office 365 takes things to the next level. With Microsoft OneNote 2010, not only can you send static notebook pages via email, you can also...

26 Jun 2012 by Claire Boyle

How to create audio, video and scanned notes in Microsoft OneNote 2010

OneNote 2010 makes inserting media such as video and print-outs simple and here’s how to do it

One feature that makes OneNote 2010 such an effective electronic notebook is the ability to insert all kinds of information including videos and scanner printouts. OneNote is more than just note taking and drawing, it's the ultimate tool for...

26 Jun 2012 by Claire Boyle

How to block and upgrade unwanted Lync clients

Allowing and blocking policy for Lync 2010

If your company has been using Lync since Lync's previous versions and incarnations, such as Office Communications Server (OCS), then there may be a variety of Lync clients within your organisation.When two different versions of the Lync client...

26 Jun 2012 by Tom Arbuthnot

The Easy Guide to Importing Data into Excel 2010

Excel 2010 offers tremendously powerful tools for the manipulation of data and this guide shows you how to work with imports.

Excel spreadsheets make it easy to navigate through tons of information across long lists or columns of data. You can also group connected sets of data together into workbooks for easy switching between related information and sort or filter your...

26 Jun 2012 by amandaross

Share your calendar in Outlook 2010

Harness the power of Office 365's built in controls to manage time and teams effectively

Microsoft Office 365 Outlook 2010 is a powerful tool for time management, arranging meetings or appointments and tracking tasks, as well as having full email functionality. Calendar is the section of Office 2010 which deals with schedules, meetings...

26 Jun 2012 by amandaross

Always Wanted Your Own Robot? Live the Dream with Outlook 2010

Okay, so we won't show you how to build a Terminator, but how about a clever tool that saves you time and embarrassment instead?

Like the rest of Microsoft Office 365, Outlook 2010 is packed with useful, time saving features and one of these features is Automatic Replies. Most kids growing up in the UK wanted to have K9, that robot dog from the Doctor Who series, as their...

26 Jun 2012 by Amanda Ross

Share and Review in Microsoft Excel 2010

Follow our in-depth tutorial to find out how to use Excel's superb sharing and editing skills to improve workflow and data management.

Most people have experienced that brief moment of irritation when you've tried to open that all-important spreadsheet that your team was using to keep track of a project, and discovered that it is "Locked for Editing". Once you could finally go to...

26 Jun 2012 by Amanda Ross

Cloud Busting – Expert tips for businesses deploying office 365

Migrating to the Cloud? Thinking of Office 365? Then Read on for some top tips.

Microsoft Office 365 delivers a super set of productivity and business tools that make your life easier and free you up to focus on your core business. The list of benefits may not be endless, but it is extensive. You can improve your business image...

26 Jun 2012 by Tamsin Oxford

Managing the Office 365 Service with PowerShell

How to manage Office 365 more efficiently using PowerShell

In my earlier article on Office 365 and PowerShell, I explained broadly how PowerShell might be of use in managing your Office 365 subscription. As I explained, you can use PowerShell to manage both your Office 365 subscription and the Exchange part...

26 Jun 2012 by Thomas Lee

How to integrate your Twitter and LinkedIn Status via Lync

Updating Twitter and LinkedIn status from Lync with LyncSocial.

As you may already know, the Lync APIs allow you to integrate Lync into other applications. We can already see this integration when using Microsoft applications to see the Lync status availability of colleagues. Other companies can use those same...

26 Jun 2012 by Tom Arbuthnot