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Apple wants everyone to know just how easy it is to use Apple Pay

There's quite a lot of competition in the digital payment arena at the moment. Apple Pay is one of the latest to join the likes of Samsung Pay and Android Pay, and Apple is keen to demonstrate just how easy it is to use its payment system. [see_also] For many people, using a smartpho...

Lenovo looking to expand business through gaming

Adware uses features for the impaired to install apps

Microsoft to augment Volvo’s car shopping experience

You can now login to your Yahoo Mail without a password

Malicious USB stick will fry your computer outright [Video]

iFixit highlights iPhone 6s waterproofing, then gets banned from App Store

Driverless taxi to begin testing in Japan

Skype Translator is now rolling out to Windows desktop app [Video]

Google Nexus launch event: Live stream

Electric cars going 1,000km on a single charge just two years away

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