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Identity Management: More security, less work

The net result is fewer calls over access problems to your help desk. META Group estimates that currently, upwards of 40% of support calls can relate to password issues.

Indeed, the figures can be quite illuminating. According to accepted analyst's figures the cost of ownership per user, per application is around £30 per year. This cost includes the setting up of users, resetting forgotten passwords, deactivation of leavers, changing user rights, and lost user productivity and user inefficiency.

At a well known global financial media company, security and identity management company inMezzo was able to reduce the cost of ownership for 100,000 users accessing on average 4 applications each from £120 per user per annum to £10 per user per annum.

Even with only hundreds or thousands of users, it's easy to see how these type of savings soon accumulate. Assuming that 50% of this saving is on administration this could have a very positive impact on your help desk resources

At the same time as IT budgets are shrinking, the over-burdened IT department is being asked to provide a growing number of employees, partners and customers with access to information in real time. Wouldn't it be nice not to have your help desk flooded with calls from users who have forgotten their username and password.

If implemented effectively, identity management technologies can ease the IT administrative burden, increase user productivity and business communications, whilst safeguarding against the potential disaster of failing to meet contractual or regulatory obligations.