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Making storage management your New Year’s resolution

Dealing with existing systems

One important issue for any potential user of storage management systems to be aware of is the fact that there is absolutely no need to throw away an existing system. Most good suppliers and their resellers these days are pragmatic when it comes to legacy systems.

This trend is backed up by Carter, who told the ITproPortal that almost every firm her company has offered a data storage system to, has had legacy kit in place.

Budgets are another key issue when it comes data storage, although a September report from Standard & Poor's Equity Research ( (opens in new tab)) suggests that, even in the face of falling prices, companies are actually increasing their expenditure on data storage.

Carter's advice to any organisation thinking of installing new or extra data storage systems is to decide what budget they are willing to spend on the new system, and then be upfront about the figures with their supplier. Budgets are something that should be discussed as early on as possible with the supplier, she said.

The good news for anyone considering spending money on data storage, but is worried about costs, is that Standard & Poors' report on data storage concludes that prices of storage systems have been falling by around 30 per cent a year for the past few years, and that this trend will continue for the foreseeable future.

This has to be good news - even for the financial director.

From his base in Sheffield, England, Steve Gold has been a journalist for 22 years. He has specialised in IT, the Internet and communications for most of that time.