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It's For You

It was addressed from me, to me and caused some alarm when I read it this morning, apparently a news item, “BREAKING NEWS: Microsoft CEO Vows to "KILL" Google”, which referring to a real story, that Steve Ballmer had “Picked up a chair and threw it across the room hitting a table in his office," asks “Do you trust a company with "your computer" security/privacy and support a company with a CEO that acts in this manner?”

My concern was over people receiving what looks like email from me, ‘slagging’ Microsoft but in fact, it’s source, is a zombie PC, hijacked by a business called SPAMIS, reportedly the child of super-spammer, Robert Soloway who lost a court battle to the software giant, over illegal spamming. Most recently, Soloway has been sending a rash of spam raging against the Microsoft Sender-ID framework, claiming that Microsoft is itself a spammer and as a result, my own email address has been hijacked.

And what can I do about it, absolutely nothing I guess but worry that some people might think it’s a legitimate email story sent out from me. One of my other domain addresses was harvested in such a way last month and I notice that my old email address is blacklisted. Will this ever stop I wonder or is it a modern curse that forces us to co-exist with or become victims of the pond-life of the Internet.