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Lloyds TSB Offers Free Security Check

Lloyds TSB is offering to help protect its online banking customers from viruses and spyware with a free PC security check.

A survey of 1,400 people commissioned by Lloyds TSB found that over half (54 per cent) of PCs and laptops have been infected with a virus, yet five per cent don't even know if they have antivirus protection and 10 per cent admit they don't regularly update their antivirus software.

Reasons for failing to keep antivirus software updated ranged from it being too expensive (13 per cent), to not knowing it was necessary (eight per cent) to "I can't be bothered" (six per cent).

In response to this and to address fears about the threat of viruses Lloyds TSB has teamed up with Zone Labs to offer online banking customers visiting a free PC security scan. – Silicon.Com (opens in new tab)