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THr34t Krew Binned

Two UK men, a 22 year-old electrician and a 23 year-old who is currently unemployed were sentenced today at Newcastle Crown Court for their part in an international hacking group.

Jordan Bradley and Andrew Harvey were identified as members of the hacking group “THr34t Krew” and conspired to create a computer worm which infected thousands of computers around the world. They received three months and six months respectively.

Following an investigation by officers from the UK’s National Hi-Tech Crime Unit and the US multi-agency CATCH team (Computer and Technology Crime Hi-Tech Response Team) based in Southern California, Jordan Bradley and Andrew Harvey were arrested in February 2003.

Detective Superintendent, Mick Deats, Deputy Head of the NHTCU, said:

“Over the past year, the National Hi-Tech Crime Unit has seen a sustained increase in the professionalism of cybercriminals. Companies are taking the brunt of their attempts to steal money and data, but consumers are also being hit. This year, 166 companies responding to our survey into the cost of hi-tech crime said that they had lost over £70 million to viruses, worms or Trojans."