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Splog explosion

Spam has long been the bane of email users but now it seems that spam’s younger cousin, "splog" - short for spam blog - is beginning to cause considerable consternation in the blogosphere.

Spam blogs are loaded with links to a spammer's designated websites in an attempt to fool search engines into giving these sites a higher ranking and thus boost traffic to the sites.

Whilst spam blogs have been around for a while, it seems just recently attacks have reached a new level of sophistication with one spammer using an automated tool to attack Google’s free blogger service Blogspot and create thousands of spam blogs.

Much of blogging world's ire seems to be directed to Google for doing little to stem the problem. “Blogspot has become nothing but a crapfarm, and your brand is going to go down with it. If your motto truly is to do no evil, then you need to start putting some resources behind an effort to curb this train wreck,”, wrote popular blogger Chris Pirillo. (opens in new tab)

Mark Cuban, the self-styled blog maverick and owner of the IceRocket blog search engine, has warned that in future Blogspot users could see themselves excluded from the listings due to the huge number of spam blogs.

It’s left to Tim Bray (opens in new tab), director of Web Technologies at Sun Microsystems to sum up the current situation: “ Uh, ladies and gentlemen of the blogosphere, I think we have an emergency on our hands.”