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Microsoft Windows and the future

The Bill Gates/Microsoft publicity machine is in full swing (opens in new tab)at the moment, with the operating system supremo telling everyone he's giving another slice of his company away.

But buried away in the media blitz were a few interviews with Gates about his plans for the future of Windows, specifically Windows Live and variants of the operating system for games consoles.

Games consoles? Sort of. As always with these types of interviews, it's very difficult to actually get any real facts out of the Microsoft publicity machine. I know. I've tried.

It seems that His Billness has realise the writing is on the wall for Windows as a PC operating system and is working steadily towards the creation of Windows as a hybrid Web portal-cum-operating system.

This isn't actually new. It's a concept that Microsoft has explored with Windows CE (opens in new tab), which we now know as Windows Mobile for smartphones and PDAs. There's a second variant that's been around for a few years, but rarely seen, Windows CE for set top boxes.

It's my guess that its this version of Windows CE - designed as part firmware, part software, part Web site - that Microsoft is planning to offer us for console access.

This will, you'll be pleased to hear, make Windows a lot more secure. Not totally secure, but getting there....