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Paying money to Skype

I first started using Skype (opens in new tab), the VOIP telco, a year or so back and gave up using the service due to the poor quality.

Now the VOIPco (is that the right word?) is offering SkypeIN, which gives subscribers up to 10 geographic numbers, in the countries of your choice, and which ring on your PC (or attached phone).

Great. I tried paying by Northern Rock Visa debit card and the transaction was refused. I tried paying by Nationwide Visa credit card (opens in new tab)and the transaction was refused.

So I paid my 10 euros starter credit by Paypal (opens in new tab). It worked - and the dosh was debited from my bank account. I then wanted to try the SkypeOUT service, so asked for a further credit of 10 euros.

Big spender or what -Ed

My ability to use credit/debit cards is locked down, as is my ability to use Paypal. Not because of the plastic transactions being refused (although God knows why they were refused as my accounts are in


Nope. Customer support tell me that, once you pay by Paypal once, they make you wait 28 days before allowing further payments, for security reasons.

The only payment option I can now use is Moneybookers (opens in new tab), an e-cash service used to funnel money to Eastern Europe, as well as pay for porno Web sites.

How secure is that?