Skype - kiss goodbye to your money after six months

So there you are, feeling very proud with yourself for saving 70 quid on having a second phone line put in at home and using Skype, the VOIPco, for a virtual second phone line across your broadband connection.

So you sign up for service, credit your account with a chunky amount of money and starting making outgoing calls.

You then get cheesed off with the call quality on the SkypeOUT service and stop using it, only to return seven months later to use the service once again.

Zero credit balance? Where's my money gone?

Buried in the Skype terms and conditions is the fact that a credit balance disappears after six months.

My thanks to my old pal Guy Kewney ( for pointing out this shortcoming in Skype's growing list of Crapston Villas shortcomings.