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Take care with those emails

I was reminded about the Microsoft adverts (opens in new tab)showing a set of dinosaurs using MS-Office for their office email when I heard about a Finnish motor-cyclist who was arrested after sending his pals a home movie showing him zooming through the streets at 258 kph.

Apparently one of his pals decided to post the video clip on a clip sharing Web site called FotoJive (opens in new tab).

Surprise, surprise, the Finnish equivalent of our own boys in blue decided to arrest the geezer for breaking the speed limit (and then some -Ed).

Capacity Networks (opens in new tab), the Finnish software company behind FotoJive immediately went into PR overdrive, `clarifying' that it has "a strict monitoring process to ensure that all content 'made public' or shared on the site is consistent with its content policy in which no pornographic, illegal, defamatory or offensive images or video clips can be displayed in the public areas of the site."

As Vicky Pollard (opens in new tab) would say: yeah. but, no but, yeah..."

Neil Fenton, Capacity Networks has gone on record as saying that ""Fotojive actively discourages the posting or sharing of any content that contravenes our content policy. Despite speculation, it is not clear whether the Finnish police became aware of the motor-cyclists action on FotoJive or through some other means. The FotoJive service is for people looking to share photos and video clips from either digital cameras or camera phone with friends and relatives, and does not advocate the actions of this individual."

Aside from the obvious safety issues, and the fact that the motor-cyclist and his pals seem to have displayed various levels of stupidity, one is forced to ask why, if FotoJive has a monitoring system, this clip made it out to the public area?

Surely the fact that the clip was crazy enough to draw in the crowds to the site in question, had nothing to do with the decision to allow the posting to continue?

Or am I just being cynical?...