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Techies are 'worst dressed' workers

After being labeled as work time wasters earlier in the year, techies have now come in for some more stick, this time for being the worst dressed workers (opens in new tab).

This is the verdict of Australian fashion expert Melanie Moss, who cites short sleeved shirts, man-made fibres and the wrong coloured socks as some of the most common fashion faux-pas in the IT industry.

She says IT workers have a tendency to slack off because the majority are not in front of customers all the time.

Help-desk staff are singled out as the worst offenders, followed by those working in technology start-ups, many of whom continue to wear T-shirts to work as a consequence of the casual web culture of the '90s.

Moss does have some helpful advice. Apparently you can’t go wrong with a decent shirt and trousers, and natural fibres are best as they don’t get “smelly” like polyester.

Her top tip, however, is to photograph a variety of nice combinations from your wardrobe to use as a reference when dressing in the morning. Surely, Bart Simpson socks will go with anything?

And if you read the full article at the Sydney Morning Herald (opens in new tab), bear in mind that thongs have a very different meaning for our Australian cousins.