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It's that Friday (email) feeling

Well, Friday again, and the weekend beckons. Time to shoot off a few jokes on the office email...

Despite what the boss says, most employees are using the office email system to organise their non-work life. At least, according to Cryoserver, the forensic email archiving specialist, they are.

The firm's research found that more than 90 per cent of employees are using their work email to organise their social life and send jokes.

Cryoserver says that the survey also found that more than half of employees use work email for a number of things besides work, discussing everything from news and current affairs to their social life during office hours.

The top ten non-work related uses were:

1. Discussed / organised social life or weekend plans - 98%

2. Jokes / humorous emails - 90%

3. Discussed / organised holiday plans - 78%

4. Conducted non-work related business - 76%

5. Organised birthday parties / stag nights etc. - 74%

6. Discussed dinner plans - 70%

7. Discussed relationships / love life or other personal issues - 64%

8. Discussed or gossiped about colleagues - 56%

9. Discussed news and current affairs - 56%

10. Discussed local restaurants / pubs - 50%

11. Getting blasted over the weekend - 47%

(sorry, I made that last one up)

Sounds familiar? It certainly does from where I'm sitting!

Have a great weekend everyone... :)