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Sony DRM software - just say no

As more versions of the Sony DRM malware (opens in new tab)appear, Sony really does appear to have shot itself in the foot on this one.

According to research carried out by Sophos, (opens in new tab) the IT security vendor, only two per cent of respondents to its 1,500 user Web poll believe that Sony's digital rights management (DRM) software DRM software is a fair way to fight piracy.

Or to put it another way, 98 per cent of business PC users believe that the DRM system is a security threat.

As reported earlier, Sony's controversial new software, which comes on its latest audio CDs in the US, can introduce a `cloaking' vulnerability onto PCs which play some of its music CDs.

Sony has announced - a tad too late in my humble opinion - that it has suspended production of further CDs and agreed to recall CDs in circulation. This still, however, leaves the users who already have the software installed on their PC, which one security researcher estimates could be the case for as many as a half a million (opens in new tab)users.

Graham Cluley (opens in new tab), Sophos' senior technology consultant, agrees that Sony has shot itself in the foot.

"Business PC users have a very low opinion of any code which endangers the safety of their networks, and they have sent a loud and clear message to Sony and other companies that this kind of code is unacceptable to them," he said.