Nokia scoops up Intellisync

Nokia's announcement it is acquiring email middleware company Intellisync for $430 million is an interesting one, as the comms vendor has had its own push email software for a while, although the technology has never really been marketed widely.

Push email represents the future of mobile email, thanks to its low data overheads and easy encryption plus authentication, as witnessed on a low level by the hordes of City types clutching their Crack... sorry, Blackberry PDAs on their travels.

Even Sony-Ericsson supports push email on its P910 (using a firmware upgrade -Ed) and the newly-launched P990. Push email is, it seems, going to be a must-have on phones and PDAs in the near future.

Nokia isn't saying what it plans to do with the Intellisync acquisition, but it's a fairly safe bet that the vendor will can its current deal to use the Blackberry Connect software on its 9300 and 9500 series of smartphones.

Nokia's in-house push email software, Nokia Business Centre, only runs on the company's Series 60-based smartphones, although Nokia does a nice line in telecoms servers to support push email.

The acquisition of Intellisync changes the ballgame, however, as it opens the possibility of introducing push email features on all of the company's cellular handsets - increasing in capability, the more high end the mobile - and mopping up the market from rivals such as Samsung and Sony-Ericsson.

As one marketing supremo from Vodafone said at a conference a few years ago: there's more to cellular than voice. And there is, but it's just that we've barely scratched the surface so far.

Watch this space...