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Ofcom plans analogue TV spectrum sale

The unseemly haste to ditch analogue TV transmissions and move us all over to the pathetically weak Freeview digital transmission system is being carried out for all the wrong reasons, I can reveal.

Yes, you are surprised, aren't you... not :)

I am reliably informed that, rather than selling off (opens in new tab)the UHF radio spectrum in the UK to cellular companies, as has been widely reported, the government is hoping to sell the spectrum to broadband ISPs, who can use the technology to carry their signals to areas of the UK where conventional - wired - broadband would not be viable.

Because city areas would not be needed for UHF-based wireless broadband (opens in new tab), it looks like the government is planning to sell off the frequency licences on a regional basis, so extracting the maximum amount of dosh from the licence holders.

Whilst the 3G licence sell-offs generated a whopping £22.5 billion (opens in new tab)for the government, sources suggest that the figures for the UHF spectrum sell-off are much less.

So much less, in fact, that it's a fair bet that the cost of moving to digital TV will be greater than the money raised - assuming you factor in the real cost to us, the great British public, of moving over to digital TV.

So when will the government announce this spectrum sale?

Sooner, rather than later, I am reliably informed. That way the government gets its paws on the money quickly, and makes the digital switchover a fait accomplis.

What has this to do with security, I hear you ask? Not that much, but it is a Friday after all, And it's such as scam that I thought you might want to know this...

Oooops - I think I hear a police siren...

Have a great weekend everyone! :)