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AMD knocks out Intel

There have been one sided boxing fights in history, but even a Bruno Vs Tyson fight was more of a contest than a recent “Prizefight” (opens in new tab) between the respective dual core desktop chips from AMD and Intel.

Cnet took five desktop dual-core processors from AMD and four dual-core chips from Intel and pitched them into the ring for a seven round contest, leaving the chips to battle it out over a variety of tasks from day-to-day computing, gaming, photo-editing, MP3 encoding, video encoding and multitasking.

If it had been a real contest then Intel would have been down for the count after round one, but the Cnet referees let the fight continue only to see AMD land another 6 knockout blows. All in all, AMD won every single round, posting a score of 100 to Intel’s desultory 0.

AMD's Athlon 64 X2 4400+ came in for particular praise from the judges.

The startling performance difference between the two set of processor it seems is down to Intel’s lack of an on-chip memory controller, the component which is responsible for moving information between the system’s CPU and memory.

The memory contoller is part of AMD's Athlon 64 X2's chip architecture, but as Cnet explains: “Intel's memory controller, however, exists as a separate piece of silicon on the motherboard. The additional distance between the CPU and the memory controller adds to the processing lag time and likely plays a part in Intel's lower scores.”

Given that Intel has similar problems in the server space (opens in new tab)it is no wonder the chip giant refused to respond to AMDs full page newspaper ads calling for dual-core server duel earlier this year.

The AMD juggernaut continues to pick up speed….