A program worth running through your PC

It's been a few years since I installed XP Pro on my cluster of PCs here in the office, so I decided to download and run the trial copy of Advanced Uninstaller Pro from the lads at Innovative Solutions.

The $39.00 package - which is well worth the money by the way - has a 21 day functional trial period, during which time you can uninstall all the debris from your computer.

The software is good in that it looks for any remnants of long-deleted programs - I use the term delete very loosely - and removes them from your PC.

The good news is that it doesn't touch the Registry or remove any DLLs unless you ask it to. Thanks to this, it means it will clear your PC of any clutter, but without kacking up any of your normal programs.

Hats off to the boys of Bucharest for developing this excellent package...