Internet Explorer 7.0 - I'm impressed

Despite all the hoo-ha about problems with running a beta of Internet Explorer 7.0 alongside v6.0, I decided to download the beta this week on my laptop.

I'm impressed, You will be too when Microsoft releases the gold code version of the browser before the end of March, 2006.

Alongside new anti-phishing and anti-spyware features, the browser has an excellent tabbed user interface that works like Mozilla Firefox.

I like Firefox, although I wasn't impressed with the fact that v1.5 has been hit by the latest in a string of security flaws.

I also like IE 7.0. I don't normally praise Microsoft, but it looks like the company-that-Bill-Gates-built has at last been listening to its users and designed a browser that offers them what they want - security in an easy-to-use package.