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HSBC e-banking - talk about security

Finally, after two months of requesting, I finally got by HSBC Business Banking registration details through this week.

I've actually been a customer of HSBC's since the 1980s, and have been using different variants of the bank's personal e-banking service since the late 1990s, finally moving to the Internet banking service in 2001 when the service was launched.

The personal e-banking service relies on an ID, date of birth and password to access it.

The business e-banking service is several levels of security above this, requiring the installation of a digital certificate and a range of security questions, including one of your own choice.

So I registered on Tuesday and accessed my business account online for the first time. Worked a treat.

Today, however, my ID was invalid, so I had to register again. Talking things through with the business Internet banking helpdesk - based in India, of course - I was pleasantly surprised to discover that `Nita' knew where the problem lay.

The registration procedure is a two-stage affair. It seems my registration on Monday was a one-stage process and, even though the service allowed me access to my business account online, the details were not fully verified or installed on my PC.

The nett result was that the registration was transient, and I've had to re-register.

I've looked at what happened on Tuesday (the joy of server logs) and it looks like my copy of ZoneAlarm Pro blocked some vital data. I've had this before. It's not a problem with ZoneAlarm Pro, as Zone Labs does suggest you switch its protective software off temporarily when installing new software.

fx: DOH! Even old lags like me can get caught out occasionally...