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You can now sue UK spammers

I was very interested to read over on The Register about the actions of a guy in the Channel Islands who successfully sued Media Logistics (UK) Limited, one of those companies that send out loads of advertising emails en-masse. Allegedly.

Nigel Roberts, a chartered engineer in the Channel Islands, successfully sued the Scottish company through the courts and, even though he only got 300 quid, has no doubt left a nasty taste in the Falkirk-based firm's mouth.

The big question, of course, is if enough people sue `advertising' companies like Media Logistics, then they'll probably get the message that UK email addresses are not worth the candle.

Whilst that probably won't help people such as yours truly, who use a US-based email ISP for their business and personal email, it might just help to remove a lot of UK email addresses from spam lists.

I've just had a trawl through my spam email folder and, unfortunately, out of the 200+ spam emails received over the last week or so, not one appears to come from a UK company.

Mind you, I do have a lot of emails inviting me to enlarge my manhood.

Hmmm - they must have been chatting to my